Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blue Box Catch-Up!

For the past....year and a half I've been working on making a game called Blue Box alongside many of my other projects. Blue Box is created in Unity and is a game about...yep you guessed it, Boxes. It is hard to explain the game-play so it is pretty much shooting a stream of particles at a surface and a spray of boxes come off the surface.

It is an independent game which relies heavily on the game-play aspect. I create the 3-D models, colour them, animate them and export them (On Cinema 4D) into Unity to which I do lots of scripting (I'm Beginner/intermediate in JavaScript). At this stage I am doing the Beta Design, I create the script but I have very low poly objects. I am setting this blog up so I can recount each new thing I am able to do. Yep, there will be a lot of updates. I have a general graphics blog which is:
Hopefully I got the URL correct otherwise just search up Lozemo Graphics.
As for now I've done quite a lot of talking. I should probably show you some of the visuals now.
Here are three basic videos for now:

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