Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lots of New Gravity Stuff

I've recently been experimenting with mass, drag, gravity and angular drag in the game. I first wanted a gate the Player passes which slows everything down. After heaps of googling, I got absolutely no answer other than some EXTREMELY complex things or things which change the whole game. Eventually I set up a gate which when a cubes goes through its drag is slowed down causing it to slow down and slowly drop. Rather than having an element in the game which helps me when I slow down time, it can be quite the opposite, being a bad element e.g. Want to spawn a box at that high ledge over there? Shoots a box there but instead of flinging to the high ledge, it hits the gate which slows it down and it drops.

I've also been customizing the platform panels and now I'm officially happy with them. The problem I faced at the start was: how can I make a chamber like this one replacing the square panels with the circles. Wouldn't there be lots of holes and the panels won't be connected:

Eventually I decided on making a connector with a design on it. The game will be set in an exterior floating world much like Qbeh:

In a matter of fact, Qbeh was creating using the same engine I'm creating Blue Box on (Unity)

So we've got the connectors, the gates, what is next?
That's right, the Pause Time Receptors!
In the video you will see, I shoot at the cube receptor and a letter P (Stands for Paused) appears. After around 5 seconds later, the P goes down. This means, when the letter P is up, I spawn cubes with 0 gravity and 0 Drag causing them to float in midair. Once the P goes down I spawn cubes which are normal again.

Be aware that the things are just plain cubes because this is beta stage (Mainly coding).When I start the actual design, it will look better. That is why the gun and platforms look different to the cube platforms. 

Now for the video:

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