Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Jump, The Land and the Platform.

Now that I've got some of the code out of the way, I decided to make a cross-hair which tells you where you will land. I spent ages trying to figure out a movement code which orients a 3d plane object onto a surface via players position until I realized it just need a projector. 3 days wasted!
After testing with the cross-hair, I slipped and moved the character controller script into one of the cameras. This, i then realized was one of the best accidental moves I've done because the camera rotation now adjusts the speed of the player i.e. if i'm falling and I look down, I can only do some slight movement ( Accident fakes airborne control) whilst if I look forward and walk, I go much faster.
I Finally made 5 platforms for Part 1, Dawn Winter. These platforms will be the main object the game relies upon e.g. Portal 1 relies on the wall panel:

Here is the wall panel tile in Portal 1 in use:

Now, the video you've been waiting for:

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