Saturday, 13 April 2013

Smash then several knocks.

This post is going to be about the Blip Beam in the game.
Have a look at this video from 0:20 to 0:40. 

You see how there is a pellet which hits a receptor which activates a piston.
Well at the start I wanted to make one. So I had one of those pellets which after one dies, another spawns. 
The pellet has to hit the receptor to activate something. I soon realized that was an unoriginal idea. So I put it into my own hands to add a stream which goes with the pellet.

Now I decided that when the pellet hits the receptor it opens up a gateway for the stream to pass through. I could execute this well in levels. 
Need to open a door? Stand in a position so the beam redirects into the receptor. The pellet will hit the receptor, causing the door to break open a lock. The door has one more barrier. As the stream is fired onto the receptor, the door will slowly start opening. If you stop the stream from hitting the receptor, the door will close instantly. Once the door is opened, you fire through the open door hitting a panel. The panel spawns a cube which flings across a chute and lands down into where you were standing, redirecting the stream into the receptor. The door is now fixed open until the cube despawns.

I made the receptor so here is the timelapse you've been waiting for:

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